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Welcome to the 247CTF!

The 247CTF is a security Capture The Flag (CTF) learning environment. The platform contains a number of hacking challenges where you can test your skills across web, cryptography, networking, reversing and exploitation by solving problems to recover flags.

Start and stop your own challenges
Solve challenges to earn points
Follow on YouTube to learn theory
Follow on Twitter for challenge releases
Join on Discord to chat and discuss
Contact when something goes wrong
Do not intentionally break challenges or the platform. If something is down, or doesn't work - let us know
Denial of Service (DoS) and web-based brute-forcing of the flag validation endpoint is not required to solve any challenges (some challenges may require offline brute-forcing, use rockyou for this) - don't do it
Do not try to hack other members - limit your attacks to the challenges only
Use a virtual machine when downloading and running applications from websites you don't trust - including this one
Try and cheat. If you find a bug or issue in a challenge which you think shouldn't be there - let us know

Challenges are directly accessible via the dashboard. Challenges are either 'launchable', 'downloadable' or 'both'. To solve a challenge, you need to hack your way to the flag. Unless otherwise stated in the challenge description, all flags will follow the format of 247CTF{32-HEX}.

Rather than sharing with multiple players, every player has their own unique instance of a challenge. You can launch any challenge at any time; however, each player can only have 1 challenge instance running.

This means that when you start a new challenge, if you are currently running a challenge it will first be stopped (after which your new challenge will be started). Make sure you save your work, as changes will not persist across challenge instances.

Once a challenge has been launched, it will remain online for 24 hours. If you don't solve the challenge within this time frame, restart the challenge to continue. When solving challenges, bear in mind that no challenge containers have outbound Internet access.

We aim to regularly update and introduce new challenges into the environment. You can stay up to date by following us on Twitter to track new challenge releases and YouTube to learn CTF theory.

We don't plan on retiring any challenges, so you are welcome to create write-ups of publicly accessible challenges to share your knowledge and experience with the community. We only ask that you censor flags and do not share subscriber hints, so people can still actively learn by applying the techniques themselves.

The points earned for solving a challenge are not static. After earning a flag, users can rate the challenge difficulty on a scale between 'very easy' and 'very hard'. At the end of each month, these community ratings will be used to update the point values for each flag.

A huge thanks to our community challenge contributors:

Upon release, community contributed challenges are immediately available to be solved (for regular challenge releases non-subscribers usually need to wait a month). For each high quality challenge contributed, the contributor will receive a free monthly subscription. If you want to contribute a challenge - let us know

Keeping the 247CTF platform online takes both time and money. By subscribing, you help cover server costs and support continued challenge development. A subscription includes:

  • Early access to new challenges (non-subscribers need to wait a month)
  • Continued access to a weekly hint (for a challenge you have not solved)
  • Access to the private "supporters only" Discord channel

All payments are handled by Stripe, we do not store any credit card details. If you have a problem with your subscription or want your money back, send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Cancel anytime.

If you have found a bug, something is broken or a flag doesn't work - send an email to or ping us on Twitter to let us know.

No rights can be derived from the usage of this website. The 247CTF is in no way liable for any damage that may arise during or after using this website. By using the website you gain access to an environment which contains intellectual property rights. This intellectual property is not transferred in any way when purchasing a subscription or solving challenges. It is not allowed to copy, duplicate, publish, or derive a new work from the 247CTF or the associated challenges.

The 247CTF public website and associated challenges are strictly not for commercial use. If you wish to use the 247CTF for commercial training or learning purposes, you can contact us via to discuss and explore our commercial offering. All other commercial use of the platform is strictly prohibited.