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Capture the what?

Security Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions challenge players to solve a range of technical problems in order to obtain flags. Depending on the difficulty of the problem solved, flags award a differing number of points. To solve a challenge, you need to hack your way to the flag.

Most CTF competitions are only online for a few days, limiting the ability of players to access, solve and learn from the interesting problems created. The 247CTF is an online, year-round, continuous learning environment.

Join now for free to learn, challenge and improve your technical skills across custom and purpose built web, cryptography, networking, reversing and exploitation challenges.

Top Players
pottm 9,890 points
nyz 9,730 points
_Sin 9,730 points
Peace-Maker 9,730 points
jusb3 9,730 points
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Web285 1 solve
CRYPTO160 3 solves
Web170 27 solves
REV180 14 solves
BEGINNER15 262 solves
Learn by hacking

Challenge instances are directly accessible from the platform; no VPN or complicated setups are required. Rather than sharing challenges, every player controls their own unique instance. You can start, stop and restart your challenges at any time.

The points earned for solving a challenge are not static. After earning a flag, users can rate the challenge difficulty on a scale between 'very easy' and 'very hard'. At the end of each month, these community ratings will be used to update the point values for each flag.

New challenges are added to the platform each month with varied levels of base difficulty, to enable players to continuously learn and improve.